The na-3000 is an X-Midas

based, high-resolution, spectral analysis system with a single channel ADC and single channel DAC that operates on a HP DL380 G8 server.

The system is delivered with rack-mountable display and keyboard. The na-3000 accepts one channel of analog input and provides one output channel for playback of data of up to 125MHz bandwidth. For acquisition and playback, the na-3000 displays a two-dimensional spectral plot and a falling raster (waterfall) display.

The na-3000 provides wideband and narrowband tuning, recording and playback capabilities. Data is stored in X-Midas Bluefile format for offline analysis. Additionally, the unit allows for data storage upgrades from the standard 7.6TB up to 26TB of RAW storage. Optional dual-channel input version with no playback capability is also available.


  • High resolution spectral display
  • Resolution bandwidths to < 2 Hz
  • Record and playback capabilities
  • Precision time tagged
  • Allows for weak signal detection Linux based OS

Mission Capability

  • General purpose spectral analysis
  • High resolution spectral analysis
  • Weak signal detection Signal search